About us

Second Company is specialist in het ontwerpen, ontwikkelen, beheren en hosten van high-end software oplossingen.

Software that ignites the fire in your employees and processes. That is what we make and that is what drives us. From design to functionality and user experience, our software makes your working method more beautiful, efficient and easier. And you? You prepare your organization for the digital future!

What we are

  • Transparent: about ourselves, the work we do, what we stand for, what we are good at and less good at.
  • Driven: in achieving goals, to stay 'on top of our game', to be the best. A little bit streaky.
  • Innovative: in researching and applying new developments in our method and selecting the right technology.

How we work

Our designers, developers, analysts and marketing specialists take the time to understand your business. Your target group, goals and your ideas are taken to a technical solution that fits your budget and timeline.

At Second Company we are different in our approach: each member is involved in the project and is aware of the available resources and objectives. In this way we can deliver software in a realistic time frame.